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<< Thursday, May. 30, 2024 - 8:59 pm >>
sweet potato

L hasn’t messaged me since Monday night. I went to his place in Campsie for the first time last Thursday. It was full of stacks of books, DVDs and an insane number of random objects. He’s so depressed, it made me want to cry. Why do I always fall for the dysfunctional people? I accidentally opened one of his diaries as they were all sitting on a chair in the lounge. He gave me some sweet potato rice with some sauce he made. We chatted until midnight, he looked sad and kept yawning, I had to get an Uber home. On the front porch I hugged him, maybe a little too tight. I went home, fed Jasper then felt broken. It’s so tragic I know but I love him and hope he’ll be happy again.